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Default Can’t search for instance ID’s on Sims 4 Studio
I am creating a mod and am having trouble searching for instance ID’s. It is very tedious looking through hundreds of files. Is there a way to search for it by typing words? There are three fields to type in but they do nothing. I saw this posted elsewhere however there are no answers that fix the problem. There must be a better way to search.
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Three fields to type in?? Not sure what you mean. But do you mean locating tuning IDs for your custom mod, locating EA tuning IDs, or do you really mean just instances? If you meant locating EA tuning IDs/instances, you should grab XML Extractor and File Finder. File Finder will allow you to search (if you know the name) and will show the tuning ID and instance of the matching files. If you don't know the names, you can also use DocFetcher on the extracted files to locate files fitting your search criteria.

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