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Default Toddler Dress with Line on Mesh
I've been trying to convert a mesh for toddlers and I've run into a problem that I can't figure out. There is a line at the waist on the mesh in Bodyshop, that hides the leaf belt textures and is not there in Milkshape. Child dress for comparison. Can anyone help?
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Correct me if I'm wrong, but perhaps that's because of the way toddlers stand up? If I remember correctly, they aren't standing as straight as children, teens etc, hence the "line" - maybe?
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Even when I make them put their arms out and straighten up it's the same. And I have other toddler dresses where there's no line.
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See if it moves away with the T-pose (F6) in Bodyshop. That's the same pose as in Milkshape, but with the bone assignments showing properly on a sim instead of on a non-animated body.

The toddler in a regular pose in Bodyshop is ever so slightly hunched over, and that line is quite common.

Could be you have to do some fixing on the bone assignments in that area, but toddlers have a tendency to spend a lot of time sitting, so that bend will probably be hidden quite a lot of the time anyway, unless you move the UVmap and/or texture.
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Thanks for the advice.

Bone assignments are still wizardry to me, so I ended up having to find a different overdress.
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