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Default How to Strip World of All Lots and Sims then Use the Roads for a Custom World
Hello everyone, I just wasn't sure where to post this so I hope it's okay to post it here. Anyways, I was just wondering how it is that you can strip a world of all Sims and lots then upload the empty world into the world dropbox that appears when you start a new game. I have tried doing it with Sunset Valley, though this is only because there is a "Sunset Valley lite" that comes with CAW. Any attempts to put this world into my worlds folder has resulted in practically nothing happening in relation to the dropbox in game. Any help would be appreciated, as I really want to be able to make my own world without all of the troubles of actually creating one. Thanks in advance for any response!
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In order to have a world appear in the worlds menu, you will have to export it from CAW. Maybe reading a tutorial on how to use CAW properly would help you. This one, for example:
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There are several empty worlds available several places, I also have a few of them. If you're looking for a world without sims and lots that's probably the easiest. They are usually decorated with routing and everything working, just without what you don't want. They are made by creators and not EA though, so read some comments and reviews to make sure it works nicely in game before installing.
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Thank you both, I actually figured out how to use CAW on my own without reading either of those comments, and have successfully exported Sunset Valley lite under another name and have that world operating in game. Anyways, thanks guys!
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