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The 100 Puppies/Kittens Challenge REDUX
Hello everyone, I'm bringing to you this challenge after coming to find a lack of challenges made for pets in general, and also finding the current 100 Puppy/Kitten Challenges out there to be either too lax, too strict, or too emotionally lacking and way more focused on scoring left and right. (I like to get attached to my pixelated people and animals!)

And so I decided to come up with this. Here it is, The 100 Puppies/Kittens Challenge REDUX.

The Goal: Have 100 Puppies or Kittens by at least the 12th Generation.

Starting Out:
  • Create a brand new save file, as no pre-existing save file can be used for this challenge.
  • You may choose any world you wish, be it Maxis Made or Custom, but a world already populated with pets is recommended.
  • Create one human Sim, they may be male or female and look however you want with whatever traits or other personality attributes you so choose. Young Adult is the age recommended.
  • Create one or two dogs or cats. They may be male or female and look however you want with whatever traits you want. If you decide to start off with two dogs or cats, they must be the opposite sex of each other. Adult is the age recommended, and two pets are recommended for people who would like an easier start.
  • If you have decided to create two dogs or cats instead of one, only one of them--either the male or female--can be your Founding Pet.
  • Last things last, placing your new household. As stated above, you are free to choose whatever world you wish for the challenge, but you must move into an empty residential lot. Big or small, it matters not. However, bigger is (personally) recommended. You'll be raising quite a few animals, after all!

The Rules:

Overall Challenge Rules
  • Rule number one, and the most important one: No cheating, nope, zilch, nada. However, the only cheats that may be used are moveobjects, resetsim, hideheadlineeffects, and jokeplease.
  • Aging must be on and the lifespan set to normal. StoryProgression must also be on and active.
  • Mods that do not give you an overwhelming advantage can be used freely. Nraas Overwatch, Mastercontroller, and StoryProgression are just three examples of such mods.
  • The challenge family must be the "Active Household" during the entirety of the challenge.
  • If you wish to move in sims it must be done in-game. No sims or sim families can ever be merged into the household.
  • Your human Sim and future sims are allowed to have whatever kinds of jobs you wish, but if they choose to work a traditional 9-5 like job better hope they can give adequate enough care to their animals!

Challenge Gameplay Rules
  • Before your Founding Pet or subsequent Keeper Pet(s) can breed, they must either have 3 levels in the hunting skill or have learned 3 tricks.
  • Each litter of kittens or puppies must have a different sire if your Founding Pet and subsequent Keeper Pet(s) is a female, or a different dam if your Founding Pet or subsequent Keeper Pet(s) is a male.
  • If your Founding Pet or subsequent Keeper Pet(s) is a male, then the dam must be a part of the household at the time of the birth. You are free to get rid of her afterward, if you so wish.
  • If your Founding Pet or subsequent Keeper Pet(s) is a female, then she can only be bred 6 times before she must be retired as a mother, and a Keeper Pet (Heir) must take her place. We want to prevent overbreeding of our beloved pets!
  • For every pet you have they must have their own food bowl and resting place, and this includes puppies and kittens! Meaning if you have a dam and a sire and their four babies in your household, you're gonna need six beds or pet houses and six bowls. You aren't running a puppy mill or kitten mill, after all!
  • You may breed your Pet again after the New Puppies/Kittens moodlet has since passed. It's recommended that you take it easy, however, as baby animals are expensive!
  • You may not give away or sell a puppy or kitten. You are only free to give away or sell a puppy or kitten when they are grown.

Tips and Tricks:
  • If you have chosen a world that doesn't have many pets already populated within the world, you can use Nraas StoryProgression to help populate your town with whatever you want.
  • If populating your town isn't your jam, then just know that the adoption center is your best friend.
  • This mod will prevent a glitch within your pets' litters and give you more variety in your baby animal's looks.
  • This mod will give you more in-depth genetics within your pets' litters.
  • If scouting for mates in town for your Pet, it's best to check the gender of the dog or cat you plan to pair with yours with Nraas. It'll save you a lot of heartbreak!

And that's all! Hope you enjoy the challenge as much as I do!

Oh c'mon. There better be a point to all this stress I'm under.
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Could be the first legacy challenge I actually want to complete! I'm in!
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