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Default Sims 2 computer conversion ?
Hi ! I have a little mod request.

I found that computer mod for the Sims 2. It pretty ressemble my real computer. So...I tried to convert the mod for the Sims 4...But failed. I followed the turorial I found on Sims 4 studio, but it's a little too complicated for me...So...I'm searching for someone used to convert Sims 2 mods to Sims 4. I will be very happy if someone do this for me !

Thanks in advance for your answers ! :3
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Heya! While we don't support requests (See: ) You never know if it has been converted before

So I'd recommend asking around if it has been converted by someone in our WCIF section:
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Oh, okay, thank you for your answer ! I will check that !
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