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Random Skills Legacy Challenge
As we all know, there are a lot of skills in The Sims 4. So many that I'm sure a lot of us don't use most of them. I thought of a way to get us to use more!
This challenge follows the basic legacy challenge rules (i.e. starting with 1800 simoleons, staying on one lot the entire time, etc.) but instead of you choosing what skills to work on a randomizer does. I've compiled a list of all of the skills in The Sims 4 numbered one through forty. The list does include every skill from every pack (if you roll and get a skill you don't have in your game just roll again until you get one you have). You're going to roll for a total of three different skills, all of which you need to reach the highest level of each in your sims lifetime.

  1. Using a number generator of your choice (I type into google "random number generator"), generate three numbers between one and forty.
  2. You may not choose your sim's traits. They must be randomized for the first sim. In the future generations you can choose the sim's traits as they age. You may randomize the skills for your future sims when they are teens, but no earlier.
  3. Your sim can look however you like.
  4. Move into any lot of your choice, but make sure to bulldoze it.
  5. Set your funds to 1800 simoleons.
  6. Choose any job you want.
  7. Play through ten generations, making sure to randomize the skills for the heir of each generation. When you reach the final generation you've completed the challenge!

Skill List
  1. Acting
  2. Archaeology
  3. Baking
  4. Bowling
  5. Charisma
  6. Comedy
  7. Cooking
  8. Gourmet cooking
  9. Dancing
  10. DJ Mixing
  11. Fabrication
  12. Fishing
  13. Flower Arranging
  14. Gardening
  15. Guitar
  16. Handiness/Woodworking
  17. Herbalism
  18. Juice Fizzing
  19. Logic
  20. Media Production
  21. Mischief
  22. Mixology
  23. Painting
  24. Parenting
  25. Pet Training
  26. Photography
  27. Piano
  28. Pipe Organ
  29. Programming
  30. Research and Debate
  31. Robotics
  32. Rocket Science
  33. Selvadoradian Culture
  34. Singing
  35. Vampire Lore
  36. Veterinarian
  37. Video Gaming
  38. Violin
  39. Wellness
  40. Writing
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