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Default Sims4 modding help/adding a new relation type between sims ?
Hey, I'm actually making a mod on the sims4 and I want to add another relationship status between two sims unlocked with an interaction (like becoming best friends or a couple), but I don't know how to create the said relationship status and how to insert it in the loot of an interaction
Even if something I can't unlocked with an interaction and need to be add in CAS would be fine (like the family relationship status), the main point is to create the status shared by two sims

Thank you
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Can't add it to CAS. You need to clone a file called a RelationshipBit (relbit for short), but in 32bit (aka FNV32). This is one you can clone: 15794 - friendship-bff and it's loot to study (needs a similar format): 36966 - Loot_BestFriendsForever_AddBoth
Tutorial on cloning files:
Making a loot:
Making an interaction and inserting your loot:
Adding the interaction to the game (if not a mixer, check the XML Injector Documentation for the "add interaction to sim"):

Make sure you have the TDESCs as well when working, so you can understand how files work:

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Thank you, I will try it
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