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Default Need help with creating MM hair textures for Sims 2 and CC on Blender.
Hi everyone!

I have been learning a lot of 3D lately and I wanted to start making content for my Sims 2 that later I could also start sharing at some point.
I am really keen on having CC that REALLY fits the original sims series and custom content that look like beta sims content, stuff from sims 1 and the console spinoffs.
I have found tutorials on how to make hair texture but they all look very shiny to me and barbie like and I was wondering if anyone has tips about making Sims 2 hair textures other than taking from existing content of the game.
What would be the best way to approach this?
I am looking up tutorials but barely find anything on Youtube that's about Sims 2 sadly. I am also working on Blender and need some resources on what to use exactly to make things work or if there's even a video then that's better.

Thanks in advance! I hope the post is okay, sorry if wrong it's the wrong category.
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It's a bit difficult to get that exact look, but you can use some of the same techniques, just with less "shine". If you look at the Remi and Simgaroop versions of hair textures (there's a few other variants, too), they're a bit less shiny and more MM.

Found some textures and resources here: (Hair texture tutorial, using a texture and actions in Photoshop) (handpainting textures) (make straight hair texture - this one can be edited with less shine and more grain to look more like MM).
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