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Default Rename files in SavedSims folder
Will it hurt anything to rename the files in SavedSims folder? I know that it doesn't cause Bodyshop to crash (I just experimented) but I wanted to check and make sure there wouldn't be corruption of some sort.

Thank you for any help you can offer. <3
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It's perfectly safe, and dare I say even something you probably should do, at least if you reuse projects and get a lot of items that have the same project name at the end.

I can't remember if it's buy/build or CAS files where you'll want to avoid extra punctuation marks in the files (they won't show up ingame) - but either way if you want to share files at some point, a lot of people tend to appreciate if you avoid special characters in filenames, so it can be a good habit to avoid those (letters A-Z without accent marks is fine, numbers are fine, _ is fine, - is usually fine. Avoid spaces and special characters, and keep names short but descriptive - "blue.package" is going to be very annoying when you have no clue what it is). There's a bit of debate on whether this naming system has an advantage on game loading (some say yes, others say no), but I have seen issues with extra punctuation marks where the game didn't read the files, plus accent marks where the uploading site couldn't handle the download without renaming the file, plus a few other issues related to file naming, so I say it's better safe than sorry. The cleaner the filenames are, the less likely any issues will happen.

I'm a bit unsure if sim files will work properly when renamed (honestly haven't tried much, but I think they will). They're the files with 8 random digits, then a _ , then 8 more digits. Personally I tend to leave these as-is, because I often have the sims packaged up elsewhere with that file in an un-renamed variant, and I don't want to have doubles with different names.

I also tend to move renamed files over to the Downloads folder (yes, you can do that - they work fine in there).
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The sim files is what I've been experimenting with and everything seems to be fine. (Which is why I felt the need to ask, it feels too easy. XD) I'm not sure how it would work with packaging but seeing as right now the one's I'm renaming are ones I've downloaded from different people (and then resaved with my own geneticized skin, so thus are in savedsims) and thus won't be uploading, it's not something to worry about it.

Thank you for all your help and the great tips!
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If you extract sims with SimPE, just make sure you don't confuse the SavedSims files and the extracted SimPE files, because these are very different. The SimPE sims should not be packaged as-is, and preferably removed after they've been cloned.

That's one of the reasons I prefer to not rename these files - or if I do, I keep the original number in the filename so I know it's the SavedSims file.

I had a large extraction project a couple years back, where I used name and sim number for the SimPE files, and added on the SavedSims string at the end for those files, so I can keep both files in the same folder without getting them mixed up (needed both because half the CC I'd used had gone partly missing, so I didn't fully trust the SavedSims files). I think I tested a few renamed files, and I can't remember having any issues with them not showing up.
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