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Default Is there any world that is just ocean/ if not, how do I make it?
So I was Playing with house boats in a world not made for them, and then I thought "What if there was a world of only ocean so I could have my houseboat dream?" however when I tried to search for so something like that I got 0 results, So I got to making one of my own, However, when I tried to place a platform in the exclusively water world nothing happened.

My Question is this: is there a world comprised of houseboat sailable oceans/ if not what am I doing wrong with the world?
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This sounds like a great idea! However, you'd have to have some land because the houseboat "docks" are constructed on land. Even if the houseboat is never docked, I believe there still has to be a dock available for it. I don't think that you have to have a dock for each houseboat but someone else might know better than I. Depending on what rabbitholes/commercial lots you want in your world, you may not be able to have everything on a houseboat. If you use rabbithole rugs you might be able to have many of them. Good luck with your project!
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