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Effect Moodlets

See also: Moodlets
See also: Occults

Most of the time moodlets merely raise or lower a sim's mood, however a small collection of moodlets have dramatic effects on a sim while they are in effect. These moodlets tend to just overlay an effect like a glow or dripping on a sim. Some of these moodlets entail significant costume and/or behavioural changes.


Flight of Felicity


Icon Moodlet Name Effects Time Period From Description Notes Expansion
Singed.jpg Singed -40 Mood Until bathed/changed clothes Fire Fire burns quickly, but it will burn a Singed sim even faster, so avoid hot situations Sometimes happens if you fail to upgrade something electric.
Base Game

Getting Singed



Icon Moodlet Name Effects Time Period From Description Notes Expansion
Base Game

Getting Toadified

Tragic Clown

Icon Moodlet Name Effects Time Period From Description Notes Expansion
Base Game

Getting Tragic Clown


Icon Moodlet Name Effects Time Period From Description Notes Expansion
Base Game
Base Game
Zombies appeared in Supernatural, but unlike previous games they are more like an affliction than an occult status. Zombification is defined not by a special occult system, but simply by whether or not the sim has a "zombie" moodlet. If any sim has a zombie moodlet it will turn green-skinned, and lose all its usual interactions, in their place will be variations of the themes of "Braaains" and "Arrrrgggh". Zombies can, however, spread their moodlets by biting other sims. Zombification is almost always temporary, and it only ever lasts as long as the negative moodlet that defines it.

Getting a Zombie

Zombification - This is a potion brewed with the Alchemy skill. It gives the recipient a timed Zombified moodlet. When the moodlet runs out, the effect disappears and the recipient is normal again.

Potent Zombification - This is a similar potion to above, but without a timer. Notably, however, the Zombified moodlets are negatives ones, so there are a host of moodlet wiping scenarios that will immediately remove this "permanent" zombie status.

Zombie Bite - Getting bitten by a zombie acts the same as a Zombification elixir.


NPC zombies spawn during the full moon and will attack sims and convert them. However, zombies are very slow, and it is simple to cancel their actions when they attack, meaning one cannot really become a zombie by accident, unless through complete inattention. Zombies are slow moving, with a variety of hilarious warped and limp shamblings. Sims cannot WooHoo (or do almost any social interactions) while they are afflicted.

Zombies have a penchant for eating plants, and will shred gardens if not warded off with the Limited Edition's Peashooter object, or with a witch's Sunlight Charm.