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Martial Arts
Age Range:Teen+
Expansion:Sims3EP01 icon.png World Adventures

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Martial Arts

Has your sim ever wanted to learn martial arts? Any of your sims from teen to elder can come on over to Shang Simla to learn this ancient skill!

Getting Started

For any sim with a fit body and a strong mind, martial arts is for them. One of the first ways to start learning the martial arts skill is by buying a Martial Arts book. The book is located in the Forbidden City bookshop and can be purchased for a low price. The other way to start is by training on one of the Martial Arts dummy located around China. By choosing the 'Practice' interaction on the dummy, your sim will be able to start learning the skill. Though your sim may not be the best at first, eventually over time, your sim will develop into a true Martial Arts master! Once your sim reaches level 2 in Martial Arts, they are allowed to use the board breaker. The board breaker is useful for developing your sim's skill depending on how strong they are. Once your sims are just starting, they can use materials like foam, though when your sim is a true master, they can try and break things like Space Rock! When your sim reaches the level when they are breaking oak boards, other tourists and locals will gather round to watch your skills in action.

Tournaments and Sparring

Once your sim develops their skill to level 1, they are able to spar with other sims. By choosing the 'Spar' interaction on another sim, you are able to build up your Martial Arts skill in a friendly training session. After reaching level 4 in the skill, you can enter one of Shang Simla's Martial Arts tournaments. To enter a tournament, pick up the phone and choose 'Challenge Spar Tournament Contender'. Now you are able to choose your rival and make it a 'Ranked Sparring Match'. After the match, you may even advance a rank!

A sim practising their Martial Arts Skill.


Reaching level 5 in the Martial Arts skill allows your sim to meditate. Meditation puts your sim in a good mood as well as removing all your negative moodlets for a short while. After meditating for a very long time, your sim begins to float and a green glow appears around them. This means they have hit the maximum focus! This allows a new interaction called 'Zeneport'. Zeneport allows your sim to teleport to an open place on the map. But by doing this, it uses up all your focus and you will have to recharge. Having this moodlet gives your sim faster skill building time, doing well on Adventures and getting better results from work and school.


Depending on your level, your sim's martial arts belt will change colors depending on their level of skill.

Skill Level Belt Colour
1 White
2 Yellow
3 Orange
4 Green
6 Blue
8 Brown
9 Black
10 Black and Gold


There are several challenges for Martial Arts which your sim can complete to unlock rewards.

  • Master of Meditation- After 150 hours of meditation, your Sims can learn Tranquil Transference. This gives the same effect as 'Zeneport' so your sim can teleport more efficiently and with less charge time.'
  • Sim Fu King- After 75 sparring matches your sim will be better at sparring and matches then usual.
  • Timber Terminator- After breaking 150 boards, your sim will be able to obtain gems after breaking space rocks. You can then sell these gems to make money.

Sims 3 Game Help Categories:

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MTS Help Q&A Forums