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Nectar Making
Icon:Nectarmaking skill.png
Age Range:Teen+
Expansion:Sims3EP01 icon.png World Adventures

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Nectar Making

The exterior of The Nectary in Champs Les Sims, France.
Does your sim have a knack for cooking or trying new things? Or do they want to try a traditional French activity? Then Nectar making is for you! World Adventures restores a feature of The Sims 1, and now it is more interesting than ever. Nectar Making allows sims to create bottles of nectar from the various fruits in the game. Each different blend of nectar has a rating as well as a quality. Better quality fruits, equipment, and skill level produce a better base quality of nectar. Aside from the base quality, nectar improves in quality across the in-game weeks.

Making Nectar

The best way to start learning the Nectar Making skill is to travel to Champs Les Sims, in France, then visit the local Nectary lot. There your sim will find all the equipment to make nectar, and they can also, if they have the simoleons, buy nectar making equipment to take home with them. The basic requirements to make and age nectar are:

  • L'amour des Fruits Nectar Maker: You can purchase this from the Nectary in France from the vendor for 1500 Simoleons.
  • Fruit: France has several different varieties of grapes (some better than others) available from the Nectary vendor, the Special vendor, and from vines growing around France. Any fruit (except tomatoes) can be used to create nectar.
  • Nectar Racks: There are two available nectar racks, the more expensive one aging the nectar faster. You can purchase them from the Buy mode catalog under Surfaces > Storage. They work faster in basements.

You can also purchase Skill Books to learn Nectar Making from the Book Merchant in France so you don't waste your produce on a low-level sim's practice nectars.

A female sim squishing fruit to make nectar.
To start making nectar, click on the Nectar Maker and select 'Add fruit'. Each batch of nectar requires 10 fruit, with certain combinations providing much better results. Stomp the fruit, and then select the Make Nectar interaction on the machine. The Nectar Maker will chug away for 2 sim hours, and then you'll get a popup that tells you how it tastes, with an option to name the blend. After that, you can pick it up from the Nectar Maker and age it in a rack, store it in your inventory, or serve and drink it. The Nectar Maker will let you choose your five most recent recipes by the name you give them, so you can remake your favourite blends easily. A particularly useful combination to know starting out is five apples and five renoit grapes. Both these ingredients are cheap, growing on the Champs Les Sims Nectary lot, and this blend always produces an "Amazing" taste.

Boosting Value

There are a variety of improvements that can make nectar taste a lot better, and worth a lot more.

Better Methods

As your sim grows in skill, they unlock better Nectar Making options.

Title Level Effect
Basic 0 Produces 3 bottles of nectar. Nectars by sims with 0 Nectar Making skill produce bottles worth 25% less than the base price.
Concentrated 4 Nectars are worth 25% more, but the number of bottles produced reduces to 2 instead of 3.
Mass Produce 7 Nectars are worth 25% less, but you make 5 bottles instead of 3.
Extended Nectaration 9 Nectars are worth 15% more, but take 50% longer to make.

Skill Journal Challenges

There are several Nectar Making challenges to complete so your sim can earn new rewards!

Title Challenge
Master of Nectar Making After making 200 bottles of nectar your sim can make an extra bottle for each batch.
Mix Master After completing 15 combinations of fruit which allows you to see the outcome of fruit you combine.
Flavorful Feet After stomping through 40 bins of fruit, the value of your nectar increases by 10%.

Nectar Maker Upgrades

Aside from the improvements that come with higher Nectar Making skill levels, the Nectar Maker can be upgraded by sims with Handiness skill, or by Witches. It has three upgrades:

  • Unbreakable - Nectar Maker never breaks down.
  • Flavor Enhancement - 15% improvement in nectar quality.
  • Improved Pressing - Adds 1 bottle to the number made in a batch.

Fruit Values

Each of the fruits in the game (excluding tomatoes) can be used to create nectar, and has a Nectar Value and Ancient Nectar Value which factors into how good the resulting nectar is. These values are listed below.

Icon Produce Base Price Nectar Value Ancient Nectar Value EP Additional Info
Apple.png Apple 4 3 2 Base Game
Lime.png Lime 9 7 0 Base Game
Flamefruit.png Flame Fruit 10 18 1 Base Game 25% Flame Fruit will make flame effects when pouring the nectar, and when drinking.
Grape.png Grapes 4 3 0 Base Game
Watermelon.png Watermelon 9 7 0 Base Game
LifeFruit.png Life Fruit 25 22 1 Base Game 25% Life Fruit will give the "Full of Life" moodlet.
Avornalino.png Avornalino Grapes 4 5 12 World Adventures
GralladinaFran.png Gralladina Fran Grapes 4 5 12 World Adventures
CherimolaBlan.png Cherimola Blan Grapes 7 8 12 World Adventures
CranerletNuala.png Cranerlet Nuala Grapes 8 10 12 World Adventures
MelioreGrapes.png Meliore Grapes 10 12 12 World Adventures
RenoitGrapes.png Renoit Grapes 13 16 12 World Adventures
Pomegranate.png Pomegranate 8 6 3 World Adventures
Plum.png Plum 7 7 5 World Adventures
Pomelo.png Pomelo 15 12 3 World Adventures
Cherries.png Cherries 12 9 3 World Adventures
PlasmaFruit.jpg Plasma Fruit 20 18 10 Late Night Only Vampires can drink Plasma Fruit nectars without getting the Nauseous moodlet and vomiting.
Banana.png Banana Showtime

Storing and Aging Nectar

Nectar bottles stored in racks.
Nectars, once stored, increase in value. Aged nectars can be extremely valuable. Placing your nectar in a nectar rack, instead of your inventory, increases the amount that the nectars increase in value by a small amount - 2% for the small nectar rack and 3.5% for the larger rack. (Note, this seems to be calculated PER DAY, so that "small" amount is in practice quite lucrative!-ocg)

In testing, the practical application of this is that nectar value generally doubles after two weeks in the more expensive nectar rack, while it took three weeks (or more, depending on the bottle's quality and taste) in the basic nectar rack. For example, a known "amazing" recipe of 5 appples, 5 renoit grapes valued at 105 simoleans out of the maker for one bottle, and after three weeks in the basic rack, was 304 simoleans. The deluxe rack valued the same bottle at 337 simoleans.


Icon Moodlet Name Effects Time Period From Description Notes Expansion
SugarRush.png Sugar Rush +15 4 Hours Drinking Nectar Filling up on sugary goodness makes everything more fun!
World Adventures
BreathtakingBalance.jpg Breathtaking Balance, Commanding Complexity, Astonishing Aroma, Fabulous Finish +30 8 Hours Drinking High Quality Nectar The flavors of the nectar are so vibrant with fruits that the tongue is practically overwhelmed. These four moodlets function the same but have different names.
World Adventures
BadNectar.jpg Awful Aroma, Bitter Balance, Crooked Complexity, Foul Finish -30 to -50 8 Hours Drinking Low Quality Nectar When nectar tastes that bad it should just be left in the bottle! These four moodlets function the same but have different names.
World Adventures
WarmFuzzies.png Warm Fuzzies +15 5 Hours Drink Nectar Made With 3+ Flame Fruit. Certain foods fill the body with a warm cozy feeling that's unlike anything else.
World Adventures
FullofLife.jpg Full of Life +50 8 Hours Drink Nectar Made With 6+ Life Fruit. There's nothing that compares to feeling young and full of life again.
World Adventures
Nauseous.jpg Full of Life -25 2 Hours Non-Vampires Consuming Plasma Fruit Nectars. (Sim Name) isn't feeling so hot. You may want to keep him/her around a bathroom. Ends in vomiting.
Late Night


Nectar making is a complex process, and there are a lot of factors involved in the outcome of your nectar. There is some randomness involved, but here are some of the things that increase your nectar's value:

  • Use Quality Ingredients: Use ingredients with a high Nectar Value (as listed on the above chart) that are as high quality possible. Perfect quality ingredients provide a 250% value increase over Normal quality.
  • Combinations: Using combinations of different ingredients can result in up to 75% greater value (though it can make your nectar worth less too).
  • High Skill Level: Nectar made by Level 10 sims is worth 50% more than the nectar of lesser skilled sims.
  • Improved Flavor: Get a sim with a high Handiness skill to upgrade the Nectar Maker for a 15% increase in value.
  • Flavorful Feet: Complete the Flavorful Feet skill challenge to increase nectar value by 10%.
  • Concentrated: Make your nectars Concentrated instead of any of the other types for a 25% increase in value over Basic nectar.
  • Age It: Store your nectar in the large nectar rack, purchasable from the Nectary in France. This is preferrable to storing it in the two nectar racks purchasable in Buy Mode, or in your inventory as there is a greater value increase on the large rack. One of the Tips on the in-game loading screens suggests that nectar ages better in a basement, and this has been verified during in-game experiments.

Nectar-Making for Tightwads

For the Sim who has more time than money, a little planning before the first trip to France can give a great head start in this fun and lucrative hobby.

First, get your produce together: the higher the quality, the better. While you can hand-pick items to load into the nectar maker in order to use up the lowest quality fruit first, it is EXTREMELY tedious. It's easier to sell the lowest-quality fruit to the grocery store before leaving for France. It is quite easy to make ten or more batches of nectar per day without overstressing the Sim; ten fruits per batch require at least a hundred fruit total per day of the vacation. Plan accordingly.

Sims with high gardening skill are at a distinct advantage when starting this hobby, BUT, because your first bottles will be your least valuable, it's worthwhile even for the beginning gardener. Save life fruit and flame fruit in the refrigerator for your return; these fruit have special effects best used after the Sim has a high level of skill in nectar making.

Plan a short trip with nothing but nectarmaking in mind. Take some showers in a can, your tent, and some veggies along to eat. Bring skill books, a laptop, or a guitar. Go to the basement of the Nectary, turn on the stereo to your sim's favorite music, park your tent in a clear space near the stairs, and sample a bottle of nectar for an additional mood boost. Then get to work: just jog between the two downstairs nectar making machines, starting with batches of one-fruit nectar, then moving to 1/9, 9/1, 8/2, 2/8, etc combinations of the same two fruits, whatever you have most of, in order to get the Mix Master achievement. (There is a known bug which causes this to reset when returning from a trip or going to a new location.)

In between, while the nectar is fermenting, stay near the stereo/bar areas: socialize with other visitors(playing guitar is a double boost here), read skill books, play chess on the computer or work on a novel, visit the bathroom (brush your teeth as well for a small additional mood boost). When you need to sleep, your tent is already there.

Once your Sim has the "Mix Master" achievement, you can predict the taste of the combination before crushing the fruit and fermenting it. The information isn't particularly helpful: "these fruits go well together", "these won't mix well at all" or a few vaguely-worded variations of "so-so". Pay attention to the "don't mix" announcement, but make changes systematically rather than randomly; sometimes all it takes is changing a single fruit for one of another type to create a very profitable recipe. Armed with this ability to pre-test recipes, you're ready to dig in and skill up with 'great' or 'amazing' finds until you run out of fruit. An easy mix with 'amazing' quality results: 5 apples, 5 renoit grapes.

There is also a set of quests (found via the Adventure Board or phone calls) that get the Sim making nectar; each gives cash and coin rewards along with visa points. While very helpful for introducing nectar-making, the quests can be done even if your sim is already level-10 in nectarmaking.

When your Sim returns from vacation, sell a few bottles from each batch made to get enough Simoleans to buy the expensive nectar racks needed to store the bottles 'properly'(and increase its value significantly). Stock the racks with the remaining nectar and let that age for a week or two, then sell bottles in order to get enough simoleons to buy a nectar-making machine for the home.

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